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2.5. User ranks


2.5. User ranks

Rank selection

Users are labeled by so called "user ranks". Apart from a rank name, users are marked with a rank image. There are fixed defined ranks, they will be assigned optionally for a certain performance (e.g. after 900 points), for certain groups (e.g. member of the team), of for the gender.

Under Edit profile you can select your user rank. Additionally, users may have an individual title.


Users get points for their activity. You get points if you create content that is visible for other users. You will get 25 points for a new thread and 10 points for a new post for example.

Examples for user ranks

By default the following ranks exist:

Rank name
Rank image
ChefMod Administratoren 0
Private Bronze BC2 User 0
Private Silber BC2 User 10
Private Gold BC2 User 20
Private First Class Bronze BC2 User 30
Private First Class Silber BC2 User 50
Private First Class Gold BC2 User 70
Corporal Bronze BC2 User 100
Corporal Silber BC2 User 150
Corporal Gold BC2 User 220
Staff Sergeant Bronze BC2 User 290
Sergeant Silber BC2 User 360
Sergeant Gold BC2 User 430
Staff Sergeant Bronze BC2 User 500
Staff Sergeant Silber BC2 User 570
Staff Sergeant Gold BC2 User 640
Master Sergeant Bronze BC2 User 710
Master Sergeant Silber BC2 User 780
Master Sergeant Gold BC2 User 880
First Sergeant Bronze BC2 User 980
First Sergeant Silber BC2 User 1,100
First Sergeant Gold BC2 User 1,250
Warrant Officer Bronze BC2 User 1,370
Warrant Officer Silber BC2 User 1,430
Warrant Officer Gold BC2 User 1,600
Chief Warrant Officer Bronze BC2 User 1,740
Chief Warrant Officer Silber BC2 User 1,850
Chief Warrant Officer Gold BC2 User 2,000
2nd Lieutenannt Bronze BC2 User 2,210
2nd Lieutenannt Silber BC2 User 2,300
2nd Lieutenannt Gold BC2 User 2,400
1nd Lieutenannt Bronze BC2 User 2,600
1nd Lieutenannt Silber BC2 User 2,900
1nd Lieutenannt Gold BC2 User 3,200
Captain Bronze BC2 User 3,500
Captain Silber BC2 User 3,710
Captain Gold BC2 User 4,100
Major Bronze BC2 User 4,675
Major Silber BC2 User 4,999
Major Gold BC2 User 5,266
Lieutenant Colonel Bronze BC2 User 6,225
Lieutenant Colonel Silber BC2 User 6,975
Lieutenant Colonel Gold BC2 User 7,666
Colonel Bronze BC2 User 8,270
Colonel Silber BC2 User 9,275
Colonel Gold BC2 User 10,200
Brigadier General Bronze BC2 User 11,250
Brigadier General Silber BC2 User 12,999
Brigadier General Gold BC2 User 14,450
Brigadier General Silber BC2 User 17,000
General of the Army BC2 User 20,000
Administrator Administratoren 0
CoAdmin CoAdmin 0
Moderator Moderatoren 0
Redakteur News Redaktion 0
Private Registrierte Benutzer 0
Privat First Class Registrierte Benutzer 10
Lance Corporal Registrierte Benutzer 20
Corporal Registrierte Benutzer 40
Sergeant Registrierte Benutzer 80
Staff Sergeant Registrierte Benutzer 150
Gunnery Sergeant Registrierte Benutzer 250
Master Sergeant Registrierte Benutzer 350
First Sergeant Registrierte Benutzer 500
Master Gunnery Sergeant Registrierte Benutzer 700
Sergeant Major Registrierte Benutzer 1,000
Sergeant Major of the Corps Registrierte Benutzer 1,500
2nd Lieutenant Registrierte Benutzer 2,000
1st Lieutenant Registrierte Benutzer 3,000
Captain Registrierte Benutzer 4,000
Major Registrierte Benutzer 5,000
Lieutenant Colonel Registrierte Benutzer 7,000
Colonel Registrierte Benutzer 10,000